Lolita Communities

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The majority of lolitas are most active online, however there are ways of finding local communities as well. Most communities, or "comms" as they are often called, can be found as Facebook groups. Most tend to go by their state or big city names, and there is a comm for just about every major location in most countries.

While the Western lolita community got its start on the EGL group on Livejournal, it is considered dead by most and is usually only active every January when lolitas make the journey back for wardrobe post season. A list of current active groups online can be found below. Last updated 01/15/2020.

Be careful when searching online.

Due to the Western connotations of the word, searching for "lolita" or even "lolita fashion" online can bring up NSFW results, such as nymphet fashion, DDLG, Ageplay, Loli or Lolicon, and more. Be wary when looking online.

The lolita fashion community can also be found on places such as Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Tumblr, Pinterest, Lookbook, and more, however as most sites are geared towards the individual there are no centralized hubs on these sites for all things lolita. Typically one can find other lolitas by checking hashtags or tags commonly used: lolitafashion, lolita_fashion, egl, elegantgothiclolita, sweetlolita, sweetlolita fashion, classiclolita, classiclolitafashion, gothiclolita, gothiclolitafashion

(Many lolitas also tag their posts with brand names when applicable [such as wearing that brand in their post] so these can also be used as methods of finding lolitas online.)

Lolita Comms IRL

There are currently a few notable lolita fashion galas and conventions that happen annually in several countries, a list is available below with links to the events' webpages:

Lolitas Online (Blogs and Youtube Channels)

Listed in Alphabetical order. These are active lolitas who post at least multiple times a year. Last updated 10/23/2020.

Youtube Channels


Lolita Blog Carnival

The Lolita Blog Carnival is a blogging network and community started by Caro-chan of FYeahLolita and Victoria Suzanne of ParfaitDoll, along with Christina of Ramble Rori. Lolita bloggers join up to participate in article challenges, to meet friends, and share links. Every Friday there is a new article prompt, or challenge, for you to read! Click the link below to find the Carnival's Facebook page where you can consider joining if you too would like to participate.

Yaplog Archives

This public hosting of the Yaplog archives was created by Raine Dragon. Yaplog was a Japanese blogging platform that officially closed in January of 2020 after at least 10 years of service. Many lolitas and lolita clothing brands such as Angelic Pretty had their own blogs hosted there, some of which have been saved.

Inactive Lolita Blogs

Listed in Alphabetical order. These are inactive lolita bloggers who have not posted in a year or more. Last updated 01/14/2020.