Anatomy of Lolita

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Lolita fashion is constantly evolving as new trends come and go and new people add their influences to the style, however the core of a lolita outfit has always remained the same. The "rules" of the fashion are what differentiate it from others and allow it to stand out from the rest to remain strong through the test of time. Thus the rules of lolita fashion are important; some can be tweaked and mixed to your liking, however for your outfit to actually fall within the category of lolita fashion it must adhere to the following three rules:

  1. A poofy knee length skirt, which requires a hoop skirt or petticoat
  2. Covered shoulders
  3. A form of legwear, either socks or tights

Like anything in life there are exceptions to some of these rules, however to truly understand the fashion one must know the rules before they can know how to break them. One thing is always certain though: a poofy skirt is crucial, and without some form of petticoat your outfit is not lolita.

With those basics out of the way, here is a rundown of what an average lolita coordinate usually consists of:

  1. An OP, JSK, or Skirt as the main piece, must be around knee length
  2. A blouse or cutsew if wearing a JSK or Skirt
  3. A headdress
  4. A petticoat or hoop skirt
  5. Bloomers or drawers
  6. Socks or tights
  7. Shoes
  8. Wrist accessories
  9. Purse or bag

Below are some popular diagrams to illustrate these points:

Examples of exceptions to the rules:

For more in-depth analysis, here are a few other takes on the anatomy of a lolita outfit: