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In an attempt to bring back ye olden internet blog culture, I will write about meetups, dress reviews, and whatever else tickles my fancy here.
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Past Entries

July 2021

7/28/2021- On a literal whim I decided to get my M Class License (I don't even have a regular driver's license, for context lmao) so that way I could finally get a gas-powered scooter and make our lives easier. I waited outside in the blazing heat with only an umbrella and a water bottle for four hours just to get inside my local DMV. I had studied the whole week prior, got in, was told I had to take an additional test out of nowhere that I hadn't studied for and yet managed to ace and then... Failed my motorcycle test. I'm normally an all As and like one B kind of student, and I was so devastated I was crying. I managed to talk with some of the folks there at the DMV and they gave me a pass to skip the line the next time I could come in to take the test. I was so heartbroken that day, because they wouldn't let me retake it the same day and the test had asked questions that weren't inside the Motorcycle Manual that the test was based off of.

I came in a day later, hours before I had to go to work and after I'd studied till I passed out (and even studied in the Lyft ride on the way there) and the questions were different this time; they were all questions I knew and I aced the test. The only reason I hadn't the first time was literally because of bad luck, and I'm still a little salty about it. Nevertheless, now I have my motorcycle license permit and I scheduled a private class on scooter riding with a company called Ride Chicago. I confirmed a date and time with them, paid the fee, and when I showed up at the specific date and time... There was nobody there.

I had to call twice before I got someone on the phone and when I explained that I was there, saw their equipment and was completely alone in an empty parking lot, she realized that for some reason their calendar didn't notify them of my lesson and the instructor left early from his last class and wouldn't come back to teach me. I was once again, devastated, and horrified that I'd paid $200 for this. She gave me the option of getting a full refund or rescheduling, but in the end I rescheduled for tomorrow because there are no other classes available, either from other riding schools or offered by the state's own program that aren't either full or cost almost twice as much. I'm going to call tomorrow before I leave this time to make sure there will actually be an instructor there and that my time, efforts, and money spent on transit fees don't go to waste a second time.

In the meantime, in between getting my permit and experiencing that debacle, I had been searching on Facebook Marketplace for my dream scooter: a Honda Elite 80, preferably in any color but red, and with less than 5,000 miles on it for under $1k, and lo and behold right as I got off the phone from complaining to my mother about how I'd been searching for this kind of scooter for the past few months now, I literally stumbled across a listing that had been posted an hour prior, likely when I was whining at my mom about not finding a scooter.

After messaging back and forth with the seller, finding more info out about the scooter, my boyfriend and I scrambled to get together a 9-foot U-Haul cargo van and $995 in cash to go drive the hour out to meet this person and see the scooter before she tried to sell it to someone else. It was about three hours of panicking, stress, and hoping like hell that the next person scheduled to see it didn't decide to show up early. We barely made it in time, I took it for a test ride with the seller's husband, and it exceeded my expectations. I was so excited to give them the money my hands were shaking; they were a nice middle-aged couple. Their kids were all grown up and moved out, and they'd decided they were moving states. The wife didn't ride the scooter enough to warrant hauling it with them, so they sold it for what they bought it for, and included a scooter cover and helmet along with.

They even found us some rope to help us tie the scooter down in the van and with that we headed back home. I managed to find a large scrap of plywood to use as a ramp and we unloaded her with no problems. I actually took her for a test ride the other day in my alley, just to get back to the feeling of being on a bike again (it's been at least 8 years since I last rode a bicycle, and at least 12-15 years since I last drove something with a throttle) and she runs beautifully. Unfortunately the previous owners had taken apart the carburetor to clean it, and they must've been too rough with the fuel line; it was leaking gas. So after a long video call with my dad as the two of us toyed with taking the scooter apart, we found that a stream of gas was shooting from a tiny hole in the fuel line. I'm currently in the process of calling around to see if any of the nearby motorcycle or scooter shops will work on it; I could always try myself but I'd rather have someone with more experience do it instead.

Anyways, here's to hoping tomorrow's lesson pans out how it should and that I can take the driving test next Wednesday and get my license. Then I can get my scooter registered officially under my name, plated, and then hauled off to whatever shop wants to do me the favor of fixing her so I can start riding again.

7/15/2021- So I hosted my tea party and it was a lot of fun!! Very stressful (because I stress myself out about every single minute little detail so it's mostly my own fault) but also lots of fun. I really do enjoy hosting events, I just really wish A) my apartment was bigger and B) I hadn't stupidly locked myself out of my storage unit, because a lot of my seasonal decor is in there including everything I wanted to use to decorate for this tea party! Oh well. There's always next time.

It really was nice getting to see so many of my friends for the first time in a long time, and everyone was great at bringing a variety of foods so we weren't just eating sugar the entire duration of the party which... Has happened in the past lol. No, we had a wonderful variety and lots of proper savories and proteins to enjoy with the tea and desserts. I'm quite proud of how the tea turned out though I must say! I was worried I hadn't added enough of the herbal floral tea and that the black tea would overpower it when they mixed, but I think I did it just right and ended up with a perfect floral blend that's not only refreshingly sweet (without any need to add sugar) but also tasted PERFECT iced. It was a great hit at the party! So were my mini Easy Bake Oven cakes--I made a lemon cake, a lavender/vanilla cake, a matcha/vanilla cake, and a chocolate cake covered in fresh, locally-produced currants on top. The currants themselves were another hit that I was a tad surprised by, as there were none left after the party! (Thank god honestly bc I don't know if Leon and I could've finished the whole carton by ourselves without wasting any.)

I can see why they were so often used in 19th century recipes, they were a really great way to balance out all the sweet treats everyone was enjoying with their tea, a kind of unintentional palette cleanser basically. I might have to offer them at parties more often.

All that said though I ended up sleeping and resting for a solid two days after the party to recharge; there is very little else I take as seriously as hosting parties (un?)fortunately. I'm still exhausted TBH LOL. But I don't really have any regrets and it was fun. I think it's time to take a nap now.

7/5/2021- Well, July is here in a flash. These months continue to fly by and so many things keep happening. For starters, I went to visit my mom for a week in Iowa in June. It was nice enough, I loved spending time with her of course but being a queer person who's dating another queer person who is also a poc, it was also a stressful visit. Sometimes I felt pressured in some spaces that if I said or did one wrong thing it would ruin everything and make awful memories for both of us, which was quite stressful. It'd been so long since I'd been to a rural conservative area that I forgot just how anxiety-inducing simply being there can be, let alone living there.

Despite that I made many a great thrift and antique find, which was quite nice! One of them was a dollhouse even larger than the one I had found in my alley, so it fits my dolls better, and I STILL have yet to start any kind of work on it, lol.

I hung out with my friends quite a bit in June, including one fun trip to the beach that was my first time swimming or splashing around in water in probably 3-5 years. Honestly it felt really nice. We also went to Russian Tea Time, a place I'd been wanting to try for many a moon, and it was quite delightful.

Paradiso held their second online event as well (due to the Coronavirus) and my Shoppe was a participating vendor; for the event I made a short commercial-style reel, as well as a boatload of new products to all drop that weekend... To the resounding excitement of crickets. I didn't sell a single thing, in comparison to Royal Vegas Online's event in November where I at least sold a couple items. I'm not sure if it's in part to Paradiso's lack of help in properly advertising and showcasing all of their vendors, or if it's because the event had overall smaller attendance because of the easing restrictions in so many states right now leading everyone to venture outside again and forgo online events (and online shopping) altogether. I think it's a combination of both, and while it's extremely depressing I'm trying not to let it get the better of me. I have to keep trying, because I want to keep sharing my unique ideas with the lolita community and help everyone get a better understanding of sustainability in this fashion.

Fourth of July also happened but I hate that holiday with the burning passion of a thousand suns for many reasons I care not to detail here. My boyfriend and I spent the evening painting each other's nails and it was actually really fun.

And that pretty well catches us up to today; nothing really much going on to be honest. This weekend I am hosting a tea party in my small apartment (I had so many people reserve spots so fast I ended up having to extend the limit by one seat because I couldn't tell who had gotten the last seat first) and I'm definitely a little nervous. Nervous because I want to make sure everything looks good, that everything is clean and presentable and looks perfect, also because the store I'm trying to get my croissants from for the sandwiches STILL has not gotten them back in stock and it's been a few weeks now. It looks like I may have to make an out-of-the-way trip to Target or Walmart to investigate what they offer for croissants that I can bake at home to make sandwiches for everyone. That being said, thank god I'm not the only one making all the food, as this tea party is more of a potluck style.

I had hosted a Halloween tea party in 2019 where I cooked food for everyone and really I should have charged for tickets because of how much I ended up spending on ingredients, not to mention how long it took to cook everything. As a low-income person it was extremely strenuous to the point where I'm currently vehemently against doing such a thing again, at least in our current living situation. Perhaps once our lives are a little more stable and we own a house it will be a different story, but until then... No. Lol. As fun as the party itself was.

Other than all that I can't find much else to report so I suppose I will sign off here!