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Name: Wonder Cookie Bustier JSK
Brand: Angelic Pretty
Release: 2010
Lolibrary Link

I remember seeing this dress E V E R Y W H E R E when I was a wee newbie back in the days of the EGL LiveJournal. This, Milky Planet, Chess Chocolate, Melty Chocolate, and Sugary Carnival were some of THE OTT sweet dresses to have to be one of the It Girls. For some reason I wasn't a huge fan of it, perhaps because the OTT coords back then were so overloaded with accessories I didn't even see the print. It wasn't until I was beginning to embark on my Nostalgia Trip (which eventually led to the creation of this website, among other things) that I rediscovered old coordinates with it and decided to add it to my wishlist. And thus I settled in for the long haul, waiting for the day it may pop up secondhand... And it did! It was cheap because it had some minor stains and overall discoloration--which was immediately fixed in one very intense bath. I love wearing this with my mini hats.

After getting this and getting Assorted Cookie again, I've realized this is among my top favorite AP prints, and I'd love to get ALL THE STUFF from the rerelease. I recently acquired the bento and tumbler and love both!