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Name: Vanilla-chan Skirt
Brand: Angelic Pretty
Release: 2010
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I used to have this skirt in the mint and like a fool, sold it, because it was pretty small on me (still is) and figured it was alright, I'd just find the JSK someday instead! And then some 6+ years went by and not once had I caught the JSK for sale. Not. Once. I was so fed up. So finally when I saw this skirt pop up I actually shrieked, sent it to Tenshi immediately and got it, thank CHRIST. I missed this piece SO MUCH. And I also quite like the purple colorway for how uniquely bright it is--it's not quite so grape-y in real life, but it's still a very vibrant shade of lavender. I still really want the JSK, but I am NOT letting this one go again. Lesson learned. Hold onto the temporary UNTIL you find the better one, and don't let it go before that.

(By the way the bows are there to hide secret pockets. This skirt is the BEST.)