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Name: Twinkle Ornament Skirt
Brand: Angelic Pretty
Release: 2010
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I got this from the same seller as Meringue Tartan; finally, after so many years of searching, I have Twinkle Ornament! This is one of my second color choices, my prize colorway is the mint (like everyone else apparently) but the mint almost NEVER turns up for sale. When I saw this I think my stomach did a flip haha. It's so hard to find any colorway of this other than the ivory or the blackxgold; hell I'm so desperate for the JSK I'd even take the blackxpink! Maybe one day I'll find the JSK, but for now this skirt is fabulous and in great condition. I'm so happy to have her, and I FINALLY got to wear her for a Christmas season. Hallelujah, or something.