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Name: Unknown (Pony Applique Skirt)
Brand: Surface Spell
Release: Unknown (Assumed 2005-2006)
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At first I was kind of iffy on this but I recognized that it was old OLD OOOOLLLLLLDDD Surface Spell and jumped on it, and thankfully it seems nobody else cares enough about old school indie brands because I won it with 0 competition, just the way I like it! I was suspicious it might be velveteen and my suspicions were confirmed when I got it in person.

This skirt is a black velveteen with pastel pink polkadots screenprinted over the top of the velveteen flocking. The pastel pink tulle at the bottom of the skirt is attached to a polyester lining underskirt that moves independently from the skirt proper, and it features a very... Interesting applique of a show pony/unicorn, a moon, and lots of oddball, mismatched rhinestone embelishments. It features a side zip with the back being a fully shirred elastic band, and has a rather nice pastel pink button with a crown embelishment for closure over the zipper. It seems to be in pristine condition, though because there is no record of this release I'm unsure if it's missing pieces or not, because from what I know of Surface Spell at the time they tended to have at least one or two removable bows with their releases.

My skirt is labeled as an "L" size and features a very old school looking Surface Spell tag, certainly not the logo they use now or what they used when I got my first SS JSK as a newbie in 2012. I'm fascinated by this piece and I can't wait to try doing some fun coords with it this fall!