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Name: Sheep Garden OP
Brand: Angelic Pretty
Release: 2011
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Some of the lolitas I follow on Instagram had been posting pics of themselves wearing this print for a while, and it kind of put it back on my radar as something pretty cute, and if I saw it for cheap I'd grab one. I found this girl on Wunderwelt not long after for around $60, because the elastic was completely stretched out and she hadn't been washed. A good soak and some replaced elastic later, she looks like new and you can't even tell where I did the repairs if I may proudly say so myself.

I'm normally not a fan of blacks and pastels (particularly how AP does them) but there was something about the way the black stripes make the sheep pop on this print that I really unexpectedly love, and it is SUCH a comfy OP yall ohhh my goooood. I wore a long sleeved cutsew under her the other day and I shit you not I felt like I was wearing PJs at work it was aaaaaamazing.