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Name: Rose Princess OP
Brand: Angelic Pretty
Release: 2007
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I got this from a friend at a swap meet because I didn't have any all-white dresses at the time, and I figured it wouldn't be a bad idea to keep one for any specific shiro looks, which is still I think a fair reason to have at least one all-white or all-black dress in one's wardrobe, but now I love it for so many reasons more than that. It fits me PERFECTLY. The sleeves are long enough, and I can zip up the middle back zipper without assistance because of how big the sleeve cuffs are, even after my biceps have grown. The cotton is so thick and luxurious, it is one of my all-time favorites. It actually has a factory flaw! One of the lines of lace going down the front of the bodice is twisted and sewn in the wrong direction into the waist seam. Nobody notices until I point it out, though. I think it's kinda funny.