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Name: Pastel A La Mode Patisserie Set
Brand: Angelic Pretty
Release: 2006
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I got this in a trade with one of my best friends! I am shocked this fits me so comfortably, I was a little worried it would fit me snug like Candy Treat or Miracle Candy, but it's actually very comfy and cozy, and when I first tried it on I didn't take it off for like... An hour haha. I love this screen print, it's absolutely the most adorable little thing! ;A; I wasn't going to be picky whenever I saw one pop up for sale for a reasonable price, and while I'm usually not into the reds or blacks, something told me I needed to grab this as soon as I saw my friend post it, and I'm glad I did.

I really adore the tulle trim on the bottom of the scalloped hem, the apron is of course ADORABLE, and I feel like this dress can actually be coorded way more ways than I initially thought! She has the apron, both waist ties, choker, and matching maid headdress, but is missing her detachable bow, detachable collar, and wrist cuffs, all of which I plan to remake from scratch to re-complete the set if you will. One of her waist tie buttons is also missing, and while it's not a very specific design, if I can't find a replacement for it I might just have to find different buttons altogether and replace the remaining one as well, we shall see! I really can't wait to wear this to a meetup. ♥