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Name: Paraiso du un Unicorn JSK 1
Brand: Baby, the Stars Shine Bright
Release: 2013
Lolibrary Link

Paraiso du un nun u nunununu. Lmao. For ease and not butchering the name with my awful French, I just call her Paradise of the Unicorn. Because that's what it is. I've seen this one come up every now and then and I do love the pastel colorway so much, it's the only good colorway in my opinion. It specifically reminded me of a really cute pastel sticker book I used to have as a kid that I was obseeeeessed with, that had all these sweeping fantasy scenes and cute pastel unicorns, pegasi, and fairy stickers to put on the pages and make up your own stories with. I loved that little book so much, so this really gives me a good nostalgia feel.

Also I got it for like basically some belly button lint and a 100 Yen coin LMAO.

I had sent it to my SS, and was keeping an eye on the listing in the meantime; it was listed at 5,800 Yen, and I saw someone comment and ask if the seller was willing to accept...... 3,800 yen. L O L. Obviously the seller said "No." Then I refreshed again, and the comments were deleted and it seems like out of pure spite, the seller raised the price to just about the 5,800 + what the idiot had offered, so now it was over 8,000. I messaged Tenshi and told her to ask if the seller would be willing to take the original listed price, so Tenshi commented and asked if she would still accept the 5,800 Yen. I refreshed. The seller responded, "I would accept 5,900." And thus the deal was done.

It's one of my favorite buying stories, it just cracks me up every damn time I think about it.

I wore it for my first IRL tea party in over a year since the pandemic started, a little tea with two of my bestest friends the day before my birthday. This was also bought for me as a birthday gift by my mom! ♥♥♥