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Name: Noel Skirt
Brand: Metamorphose Temps de Fille
Release: 2008
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I actually have the complete set (skirt, jacket, and capelet) but because the pieces were sold individually I've listed them individually in my wardrobe album. I purchased them all from Wunderwelt, and likely overpaid a bit, but I'm so happy with the set I don't mind (and it's nothing compared to some of the insane $1k+ prices people have been paying for AP because of Covid, holy shit.) This is actually my skirt in the photo; it appears the previous owner somehow splashed some bleach near one of the pockets. I'm thinking of embroidering hearts over it to hide the damage. Yknow. When I finish my other ten million alteration and repair projects. (Thankfully the spots aren't really noticeable when worn, so I still wear the set regardless.)