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Name: Nanairo Prism Stripe OP
Brand: Baby, the Stars Shine Bright
Release: 2013
Lolibrary Link

Also known as Rainbow Prism Stripe (I thought I was having a stroke when I got the link for this page and saw they changed it officially on their listing to reflect the proper translation, thought it was some kinda Mendela effect thing where I'd just incorrectly remembered the name this whole time but the URL proves that no, I had it right, they just updated it lmao.)

I saw this while flipping through one of my older GLBs and DIED. I took a picture of it, found it on Lolibrary, and then spent ages trying to track one down in ANY of the three colorways, because I like them all, and naturally because this isn't a print, it's much harder to find. Indeed, I found this one totally by accident; most Japanese lolitas tend not to bother remembering non-print dress names I've noticed, and iirc this one was just called "Baby Pinstripe OP" or something to that effect. My eagle eye saw it and my SS caught it. Finally, I can put an end to my search. I wore this for my birthday recently and dude the pockets are so big they can hold my giant smart phone, and the OP is so roomy and comfy it wasn't hard to wear at all!