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Name: Miracle ★ Candy OP
Brand: Angelic Pretty
Release: 2009
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A recent acquisition! I still feel I overpaid a bit for the condition it's in; after the previous owner washed it the red bled and stained all the white on the dress a pale pink, and she removed the waist bow from the dress for some... Reason. It's still with the dress, just not on it anymore, so I have to reattach it after I get the excess dye out. It fits me like my Candy Treat OP unfortuntely, meaning it's an extremely close fit so I'll only be wearing this for events until I can find a JSK for a reasonable price. I really love this print (bc hello, candy) and love the little glitter details on it. I'm also a HUUUUGE sucker for peppermint swirls and stripes so this is also a great Christmas dress for me.