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Name: Melty Chocolate OP
Brand: Angelic Pretty
Release: 2009 (first release)
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Now this... This was one of those dream dresses that I had begrudgingly admitted to myself I would never find for a decent price. When I was new I was desperate for pieces to fill out my wardrobe, and I bought a Melty Chocolate OP replica off someone on Tumblr just to have SOMETHING to pad out with for the time being. I knew they were bad but I hadn't bought it directly so it wasn't AS bad right? (No, still pretty bad.) I ended up wearing it to my first meet in Chicago and it was so awkward, because nobody wanted to really talk to me even though I apologized and explained that I knew it was a replica and that they were bad, but it was the only dress I had that even remotely fit the theme. (Thinking back on it I should've just worn Assorted Cookie, that would've fit the 'hot chocolate' theme fine too. Idiot.)

I eventually sold it, which I kinda regret bc I should've just taken it apart and used the fabric to make home decor with but whatevs. I vowed to myself that one day I'd get the real thing, or maybe the JSK. A few came and went that I almost got but didn't for some reason or another, and then one of my friends told me she was selling her Melty Chocolate mint OP set--the dress, headbow, and OTKs. I was going to buy it from her, but after some problems came up at work I told her I would have to pass. Then a few weeks later she messaged me again and asked if I just wanted it--for free??????

Turns out she'd gone to wash it before she listed it for sale and the brown lace bled all over the dress, and she didn't want to deal with it anymore (I don't blame her.) She knows I'm big into restoring dresses, so she offered it to me; since the headbow was fine, I paid her for that and the cost of shipping, and she threw in the OTKs for free as well. ;__;

Unfortunately... She doesn't fit. I'm so used to being small enough that everything fits me and I neglected to check the measurements on the OP all this time. Totally my fault. But I needed to lose weight anyways (I kinda stopped taking care of myself when I was in that abusive relationship) and I plan on altering it anyways just so it fits more comfortably in the long run. One day I'll be able to wear her. 8(