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Name: Ice Cream OP
Brand: Baby, the Stars Shine Bright
Release: 2007
Lolibrary Link

I almost bought this print in the black JSK once for $40 on ClosetChild but man I am SO SO SO glad I didn't. I really like these early and mid 2000s art styles that Baby briefly sported on their sweet pieces, as this is similar in a few ways to Usakumya Sweets and I just love it. Originally I was just looking for the pink colorway, I had no clue this colorway even EXISTED until I saw it on Mercari and squawked like a dying parrot. I thought it was a bit expensive but for such a gorgeous colorway it would be worth it, right?

Yeah. Yep. Yes it was lol. I think this OP was MAYBE worn a tiny handful of times? It looked basically brand new and I couldn't find a single flaw with it upon its arrival. It's pristine and sooooo so comfy, and so perfect for summer. I also didn't realize the absolute TREAT on the print, where it says "I scream". I assume they meant "I scream (for ice cream)" but uhhhh lost the latter half in translation? So yes, I scream. This dress and I, we scream, together. I fucking love this thing holy shit.

This was also a birthday gift from my mom!