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Name: Hamnett Button JSK (L183)
Brand: Bodyline
Release: 2010
Lolibrary Link

The stock photo makes this JSK look WAY more shit than it actually is LOL. I found it while dumpster diving on Depop and I'm really glad I snagged it, it's a solid fuckin dress! I believe this is actually a design replica for an earlier AP release, iirc I remember seeing it in one of my GLBs from 2001-2005 era so I'll have to look later. It's interesting that Bodyline decided to replicate that release minimum 5 years after the fact, which is why this was so unpopular when it came out in 2010. But this is a legit good ass old school piece and I'm thrilled with it, the lace is WAY better than I was expecting. It is missing the waist bow but I can just make a new one if I feel like it.