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Name: Dream Fantasy Special Set
Brand: Angelic Pretty
Release: 2012
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I originally was never interested in this print but when one of my best friends was selling it I figured I'd give it a go, and WOW I am shocked at how much I like it!!! It does not photograph well at all and the stock photos are so terrible; the "bow" built into the sweetheart neckline of the bodice is such a cute detail, and I had no idea this print was covered in rainbows!! It also has little ponies all over it, but I wish they were bigger and in the border print ;__; I'm not the biggest fan of Lyrical Bunny or Shyness Bear, but it's still a lovely dress nonetheless.

The previous owner (not my friend) had removed the bows from the front of the bodice, so I had to take what was left of the two buttons on the shoulder straps and the spares on the tags, but I made it work. This dress also has the headbow and both waist ties!