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Name: Dozing Cat Tucked Hakama JSK
Brand: Metamorphose Temps de Fille
Release: 2020 (Rerelease)
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FINALLY. FINALLY I HAVE A META WA DRESS. Actually that's a lie, an ex-friend got me an old one once but I had bad memories attached to it because of that person so I sold it. So technically this is my second, but the first I bought for myself because I wanted it and picked it. I reeeeeeally love this. The print is gorgeous and crisp, the quality is insanely beautiful (as is usual with Meta let's be real here) and bless them, it was sold out so I messaged them and asked if they'd restock it so I could buy one and they made a listing specifically for me to buy it with. The website glitched and put an old address I'd deleted several days prior on the package, but they kept in touch with me and did what they could to help me get it. DHL being a fuckass aside, I love this dress and can't wait to wear it to some events. I really wanna get a Maxicimam cat tail bow to clip on to the back. >>