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Name: Creamy Soda Pop OP
Brand: Baby, the Stars Shine Bright
Release: 2010
Lolibrary Link

Ever since I saw this (this specific dress actually) in one of my best friend's wardrobes I knew I HAD to have this print one day. I kept an eye out, always hoping I would find this exact colorway in the OP with the apron included, but years passed by and I saw every color and cut except this one. Eventually I found the JSK in mint on MaidenClothing and was about to settle; I was talking with my friend about it as I saw it, and she mentioned that she actually would prefer the JSK. So I bought the JSK, and we traded! Since the JSK was missing waist ties, I let my friend have the ties from my OP since I can just remake some if I want, and now she's mine!

Honestly this print would've been GREAT with glitter, but even without it's just perfect. The colors, the illustration of the cute parfaits and ice cream floats are just darling. My only complaint is that the cuffs don't have any buttons, so they're tight around my biceps since I started building muscle at my new job in 2020. ;__; I'm thinking of modifying them and adding some buttons in anyways, because getting it on my arms isn't the problem--it's getting it off. T_T