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Name: Original Tartan Check Ribbon JSK
Brand: Baby, the Stars Shine Bright
Release: 2009
Lolibrary Link

So originally I found the skirt of this for like $15 on MaidenClothing and I LOVED it because it was fully shirred and really comfy, soft and cute!! But when I was going through a difficult time in an abusive relationship, my partner treated me poorly because I wore sweet lolita and so I started to slowly let pieces go. My best friend at the time (now ex) was a plus size sweet lolita, and they'd been going through some stuff so I offered to give them the skirt, to which they disinterestingly replied "Oh, sure." They never wore it, and after another year or so passed, I mentioned possibly taking the skirt back because I missed it, to which they just looked at me apathetically and shrugged, saying something along the lines of "Too bad, shouldn't have given it to me then." They didn't give it back, didn't give a fuck, still didn't wear it, and didn't care that I missed it.

After I cut off my friendship with them, I eventually stumbled upon this OP (and its matching headbow!) on Lacemarket for like $50, but I wasn't able to get it; so one of my best friends got it for me as a present. ;__; So now I have her again, and possibly even better tbh because I love the mini-sleeve JSK style, she's MEGA comfy, and I feel like she's a little bit easier to coord. She's super lightweight and the fabric is so soft, so she's a great dress in summer. My favorite detail is the cotton ribbon/bow eyelet lace going down the bodice, as that wasn't on the skirt!