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Name: Denise Teapot Print OP (L146)
Brand: Bodyline
Release: 2010
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Here at last and sooo comfy! The sleeves are a bit tight on my arms as I expected but they're actually not too bad, and I can get the OP off by myself so idk I might just leave them instead of altering them, we'll see. I'm fairly certain this one is the same 100% cotton blend as their gingham rose op with heart apron set, that OP felt the exact same as this and even has the same slight bit of 2-way stretch.

Mine is missing the detachable bow and collar but other than that she's in great condition, and something I didn't realize is that at the peak of every scallop along the skirt's border print there is a cute translucent button with holo glitter flakes inside! It's the most detail I've seen on a Bodyline piece to date and it's just darling, those are my favorite kinds of buttons! They vary in size and come in a pretty aqua color and regular clear.