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Name: Summer Plaid Papillon Garden JSK (L405)
Brand: Bodyline
Release: 2011
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I didn't realize this until I got it in person but this JSK is basically a design replica of BtssB's Shirring Princess series, with the bodice being the exact same and the skirt being quite similar, though it is missing the back bustle, which is a bit of a shame but to be honest I was getting tired of (well-meaning) people constantly running up to me while I was out wearing Shirring Princess trying to pull down and tug on my skirt because they thought it caught on itself and my underskirts (the bustle) was showing? So I'm kind of not going to miss that.

Additionally I like this one better than BtssB's actual Shirring Princess because, since it's Bodyline, it's unlined! The fabric is a super lightweight cotton so this is another fantastic dress to wear in the summer, and with the thick shoulder straps it's easy to go without a blouse. I do wish the waist ties were removable (I mean I suppose I could MAKE them removable... But I'm lazy) but other than that I absolutely adore this piece. I've worn it a few times already since getting it and it is so comfy. I also LOOOOVE the colors. Ugh what a good goddamn dress.