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Name: Assorted Cookie JSK
Brand: Angelic Pretty
Release: 2010
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This was my very first brand dress. I bought her off of the LiveJournal EGL Comm Sales group, just beginning my second year of lolita, and I loved this dress to pieces. She is short on me, yes, but I didn't care. I was so proud that I finally had my very first brand piece, despite having such a tiny wardrobe. I felt so accomplished, and was in awe when I got her out of the package--none of my other dresses, Bodyline, offbrand, FanPlusFriend, held a candle to her in quality. I was blown away.

Over the years I wore her occasionally, usually at least once a year, as my wardrobe grew, but eventually, during an abusive relationship with a partner who mocked me for wearing sweet, I decided that maybe I should give up sweet, and focus more on gothic instead because my partner liked that better. (Here's a hot tip kids: do not. Ever. Change. Your hobbies. For. Your. Partner. It is not worth it, and you will never ever be happy with yourself if you do.)

I sold her. For practically nothing considering sweet was unpopular at the time; two years went by and I never once stopped regretting it. I searched high and low for that two years to see if Assorted Cookie would ever pop up again, even in another color, but it never did. One day I was desperate and messaged the girl I sold it to. I gave her a brief explanation of what happened, and asked that if she ever thought of selling it she let me know because I would love to buy it back one day. I told her if she didn't want to sell it I understood, and I didn't expect a reply. But she did reply.

Turns out she only wore it once or twice in that timespan, and was putting lolita on the backburner because she'd had kids. So she sold it back to me--for the same price I sold it to her for, even though sweet was booming in pricing again. ;__; I will never forget her, and never stop counting my lucky stars that she was so kind and understanding, because she did NOT have to do that for me, she didn't even have to reply to my message. I will always be thankful for her generosity, and I will hold onto this dress until the day I die as a result.

I love my Assorted Cookie JSK, and she means the most to me out of any other dress in my entire wardrobe.