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Name: Emilia JSK
Brand: Alice and the Pirates
Release: 2020
Lolibrary Link

This is one of the dresses that finally tuned me into the long length dress trend that AP kept pushing so hard in 2019/2020, though I still think AP's long length dresses all fail miserably by comparison. What really interested me about this release was the material, a cotton/hemp blend which is fascinating because hemp is one of the most sustainable fabric materials out there and I would honestly love to see the brands experiment with it more. I originally planned to get the black and white from Baby SF since it went on sale and sold out in Baby Japan before I had a chance to snag one. I watched and waited for Baby SF to also follow suit and lower the price... And waited.... And waited........ And waited some more.... As of April 2021 they still wanted full price for it, and in the meantime I got caught up in other stuff and someone else bought it for full price.

Coincidentally, someone had donated their black JSK (my second color choice initially) to ClosetChild and CC was selling it for Baby's sale price, 16,000 Yen. So when I discovered that I'd missed the black and white yet again, I went ahead and just got the black one and honestly I'm really glad that I did. I can't even tell if it was worn more than once, and I think I can still coord this with black and white but ALSO in more "modern" gothic lolita ways if I so choose because it's not strictly limited to just that palette. The fabric is also EXTREMELY soft and feels so so nice, and it's such a lovely sheer weave that this dress is actually going to be GREAT for summer. I hope I can make a petticoat for it and wear it soon!