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Name: Heart Leopard Short Sleeve OP
Brand: Metamorphose Temps de Fille
Release: 2008
Lolibrary Link

This OP is missing the waistbow but I have so many detachable black bows at this point it's not really a problem to just stick one on there and nobody's the wiser lol, half the time I don't even bother with that anyways. Acquiring this one was super bizarre, the chick selling it had it up for at least 9 months based on some of the timestamps on the comments on the listing and refused to do a payment plan with me despite me being on the website for years and having five star feedback. So a friend got it for me and I just paid my friend back instead. I didn't realize how SHORT it is, and it's also incredibly comfortable and UNLINED? I don't even need to unzip it to put it on. The whole dress is just really weird lol, I think I should probably look into getting some black or pink chiffon underskirts for it.