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Name: Country of Sweets JSK
Brand: Angelic Pretty
Release: 2007
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This print had always been on the back burner for me because in my head I thought it rather plain in pictures and it was also very common due to its rerelease so I paid little attention to it. But after ten years of being in the fashion and working through my archiving projects I grew a kind of nostalgia for it (kind of like with Wonder Cookie and Candy Treat) and took some more time to look at it and realized it is SO. FUCKING. CUTE. I just waited until I found one for a decent price--given its age, I refused to pay even $200 for it because it's not mega popular or valuable, and again, it's old. I found this JSK for like $60 with some mild discoloration between the removable waistbow and the sash... Belt... Thing? Sewn into the bodice? But it's literally unnoticeable unless if you really hold it up and squint so I don't care.

I actually got it specifically to use as a Chrimmis dress (bc hello favorite holiday how are you today?) and it's SOOOO PERFECT. Even though it was actually a summer release, fun fact.