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Name: Fruit Stripe OP (g352)
Brand: Bodyline
Release: 2008
Lolibrary Link

On the way! And utterly hilarious. I don't even remember how much it was, maybe $10? Yes we all know replicas are bad but honestly with how much AP I own and how much I have given that brand, spending $10 on a 13 year old replica from Bodyline doesn't matter much. I also just find this FASCINATING. The only thing Bodyline replicated was the print fabric; the actual dress construction is only very loosely inspired by the actual Fruits Parlor OP at best, but has enough structural differences that it almost counts as its own standalone dress. And unfortunately it's missing the cute little crown brooch, boohoo.

This will be a good dress for dirty work like cleaning, gardening, etc etc. And yes I do actually intend to get a legit Fruits Parlor someday, if that makes you feel any better about it.