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Name: Metamorphose x Barbie Ribbon JSK Fullset
Brand: Metamorphose Temps de Fille
Release: 2015
Lolibrary Link

I was boredly checking MaidenClothing one day when I saw this and my jaw dropped you guys. This was back before a lot of people knew what MaidenClothing was, so I had an easy time adding this to my purchase list and emailing it to their staff (yeah this was back before they had a shopping cart and direct checkout system yall lmaoooo) and grabbing it; prior to seeing it there I'd had NO clue that it even existed. I knew of the AP x Barbie collab (which I've been looking for for so... So so long now...) but I hadn't known Meta had done one as well, so I was floored when I got this in person and saw how beautiful it is.

It is the full set (JSK, KC, choker, wristcuffs, ankle cuffs) with all detachables; honestly pics never do this set justice. The slight glitter in the screenprint is perfect and all the little glittering silver details are to die for. I'm a HUGE Barbie girl, my mom was a Barbie collector and Barbie (well, and My Little Pony) was the only toy that truly wholly owned my heart and soul as a kid. All the other girls were busy playing with Bratz but you could pry my Barbies from my cold dead hands--literally, I still have them. All of them. And all their clothes, shoes, and accessories too.